Cartridge Plus was founded in 1987 as a small business based in Maryland, and today we carry over 60,000 office supplies, toner and ink cartridges, janitorial supplies, office furniture, shipping and packaging supplies.

Cartridge Plus offers an advanced newly-engineered toner cartridge assembled in the USA, and is guaranteed to outperform any other toner cartridge on the market. Our goal at Cartridge Plus is to provide our customers with the highest quality products, and highest standard in customer service.

Cartridge Plus is an environmentally-focused small business. In 1987, Cartridge Plus was the first to introduce a technology that remanufactured and recycled laser printer and copier toner cartridges. This revolutionized how customers disposed of their toner cartridges, and provided customers with environmentally friendly and affordable alternatives to purchasing new toner cartridges.

Cartridge Plus is also a proud authorized distributor of AbilityOne Products since 2005, which provides jobs to the blind and severely disabled.

"Service is our Business"

Competitive Points List

Free Ink & Toner Recycling Solution

State of MD Prefered Vendor


Cartridge Plus, Inc

 MD Award Holder Cartridge Plus Rudolph’s RGH - Staples  AJ Stationers
Maryland Owned & Operated  Maryland Owned & Operated for 29 years  Virginia Owned & Md Operated Staples National Program  Md Owned & Operated
Average Discount  Ave Discount 48% All Products  16.75% off Open market  24.5% off open Market  26.48% off open Market
Average Savings

32%-24% SAVINGS 

Over all Vendors

32% Higher in Price  24% Higher in Price  22% Higher in Price
 Independent Award audit for contract compliance Yes – Audited & Monitored Yearly by Independent Accounting firm NO- State must Audit / Self monitored by Vendor  NO- State must Audit / Self monitored by Vendor  NO- State must Audit / Self monitored by Vendor
 Contract Compliance   Monitored Independently by TCPN By Rudolph’s  By RGH  By AJ Stationers
 Price Compliance   Monitored Independently by TCPN  By Rudolph’s  By RGH  By AJ Stationers
  Advantage   Cartridge Plus  X  X  X

Service Difference

  • Pioneers for the Recycle Toner Cartridge Industry since 1987
  • FREE Recycle Toner Return Program
  • Over 45,000 Office Supplies bid on nationally
  • AbiltyOne Authorized Dealer Supporting the Blind & Severely Disabled
  • Independently Monitored Contract
  • FREE Next Day Delivery
  • Average Discount 48%
  • Quality & Price Guarantee
“Service is our Business”

3 Simple Ways to Recycle

Over 40,00 Office Products

  • Office Supplies
  • Break-Room Supplies
  • JAN-SAN Supplies
  • Toner & Inkjet Supplies
  • Equipment-Laser Printers - Inkjet Printer - Fax - Scanner


Address: 214 Park Road Riva Maryland 21140
Phone: 800-768-3604

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